Sunday, June 14, 2009


Yesterday, knowing in was going to be a long day and not sure if I would be able to fit in my running. I got up at 8 and ran ,the not so bad part of my driveway, which still kinda kicked my butt. I was so stinking hot after, it was crazy. With Jake still in bed I went up starts and opened all the windows turned the fans on high and took a cool shower, with all the doors open. lol I was pretty excited that the girls and I were going to go to David's Bridal with Sam to try on Wedding gowns and Bridesmaids dresses. To back up a little, Thursday I went to Dress Barn to see about finding a dress for Shara and Jake's Wedding next weekend. I usually dread finding something to wear cause nothing ever fits right. So I found on that I loved. I made Jake, who was playing at Borders with the girls, come back and look at it. I was excited cause it was a size smaller than what I am currently wearing. So anyway he wasn't crazy about it, thought it was too blue. :P So went around the store and gave me like 5 dresses to try on. The grabbed one that I had passed up several time, because I thought there is no way that is going to look good on me or I wish I had the body to get away with that dress. So he gave it to me. I LOVED IT!!! AND its 2 sizes smaller that what I am wearing now. YEA!! That's what I said!!!! I still could loose a bit to make it look even better but you know what. If I keep up the running it will be a dress I can continue to wear even after I lose more weight. So I am wicked excited, I have never had a little black dress and this is a kind of sexy one. :)
So back to bridesmaid dresses, I had a blast cause I can now feel comfortable about the size I am grabbing off of the rack and know that I look good in it. I makes to more excited to know that if I keep running and stay active I will just look better and better. LOL :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Well yesterday started Week 2 Day 1 . I new my time was going to step up from 60 sec of running to 90 sec of running and 2 min of walking. So ok not bad. Jake actually should of been a few weeks a head of me but because he has been sick he decided to step back to my week so we could do it together. So after he got home yesterday we were off. Kyndal running with us and Ally in the running stroller. The time is longer that Week 1 so we figured we would make it to the bottom of Flagg (our road) before we needed to turn around. Just to add one more thing our running stroller doesn't have working breaks. :) So down the first hill, while running, was ok. Our plan was for me to push down that for Jake to take it coming back. Almost to the end of the road and still going strong. We can to the second hill. UGH it was longer and steeper. It never failed that I was always running when we can to them either. So the running stroller was pretty much pulling me down, while I am trying to slow down and kill myself on a rock or something. LOL I am sure it was quite a site. So the way back. We turned, oh and we did make it all the way down the road, which it a mile. Still going good. Then it cam to running back up the last hill. We both lost it. LOL It was a killer. i stopped and walked half of it and then walked my 2 min. Then ran. That was the last set I ran. I think I just skipped one. But that hill killed us. I told Jake after that I think I will just stick to the driveway and that I don't want to add in hills until like week 20. lol But you know what even though we didn't make the running/walk program we still got out and went 2 miles. We got off the couch!!!! So on Thursday we are SO just going to go to the track!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

W1D3 & D4 :)

To recap the week. I downloaded the FREE C25K podcast, ugh even though the music isn't great its nice to be actually running and walking the amount of time that I am suppose to be. Its so easy right now, but pushed you at the same time. Kyndal has been running with me too, its cute. So this week I walked with Jake on Tuesday, ran the c25k on Wednesday, the cam home after church today and ran the c25k program. After church the family took me to Olive Garden for my birthday yesterday and so by the time we got home I had that Sunday afternoon nap feeling but I really didn't want to sleep so I said ok I am going to go do. I need to do at least one more day to I can move on. I mean 3 weeks on week 1 is enough. So went and ran and it felt great and i can pack with a ton of energy. Kyndal and I actually left the driveway and ran down the road a bit. ( I have a long driveway) So with week 1 gone i welcome the challenge and the step up in running from week 2. Here we go we are doing it!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Are we done???

So today (Thursday) we went to the Neurologist for my check up. He said everything is going really good. My visual fields look great. We are staying on the meds for now. We asked him how my Papilladema (that's what I have) would effect us getting pregnant again. Since it was brought on by that in the first place. He said it would be very hard to treat and that there were things that could be done if need but they weren't really fun and easy things cause obviously the baby would come first. But the biggest thing that all of the treatments would prevent would be me going blind. So basically if I got pregnant again I could go blind. UGH sooo not what we wanted to hear. I don't think anyone every wants to have a Dr pretty much tell you that you are done having kids. That my decision to make, not theirs. I say screw them and lets have a baby. But I do want to be able to see that baby. UGH to much to figure out. I wouldn't even know where to start to look into adoption and who knows if we would meet all of the requirements and the money. God knows we don't have that. So we are just sitting and waiting and praying about it. Maybe we are done?? Only God knows right now.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Hard Week!!!

Well Jake was away in Cali all week. So that makes it a crappy week just to start off. But it also rained pretty much all week so I was not able to run but only on Tuesday. UGH for rain!!! All I can really say for this week is that I am glad that Jake got home early this morning!!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


So even thought this is week 2 day 1 since I didn't' run but only one day last week i figured i would stay on week 1 of the program so that I wouldn't really mess it up. I really need to do it consistently. So today I ran and still feeling like I can't make it all the way through cause I am doing to much!! I think I saw on the C25k website something about podcast maybe I should see what that is about. I would rather something in my ear telling me when to run/walk. Ohh well another day 1 down. :)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bombed the first week!!

Ok so the first week was a total bomb. I ran on Tuesday but that was it I was suppose to run 3 days a week. But with working 2 and then the ACSI festival Thursday I just couldn't fit it in. Jake also leaves for California for a week next week so I am not going to run this weekend cause I will be spending time with him. I guess if you count y game as a day then I ran 2 days :) ??!!!!

I will do better next week!!!